Our friends Chuck and the Collie’s have nominated this blog for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. very-inspiring-blogger-award

We are so humbled to receive this award and honored that they think we are inspiring. If you have never visited the Collies of the Meadow I urge you to do it very soon. There are a lot of wonderful stories of the Collies told not only by Chuck but the Collies too with great photos of everyone.

I don’t see any rules to this award except to share so here are a few blogs I have been following that I find very inspiring…

The Lonely Dogs she shares her life with 23 rescue dogs and tells their story through photos.

Spiderpaw’s Blog he is a fabulous photographer that captures some pretty cool stuff and shares with the rest of the world.

Midwestheaven this is a new blog so everyone pay her a visit and say HI, she writes very passionately about her topics and she has a bulldog, a kitty and a horse, I’ll let you discover the rest.

So there are my picks and I hope if you haven’t already checked them out pop over and give them a look see.

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