I absolutely love puppy updates and photos!! I received an email from one of the puppy people and this is what she said…

“He’s an absolutely wonderful dog, and we all love him!”


“We all absolutely love him, but one of my sons in particular seems to be ‘taking over’ the ownership of him. Nathan just adores Java!”

Java, don’t you just love that name, really suits him! When he was still here he had a couple different names, I called him two toes because he had two toes with just a couple white hairs and then when he went to Tennessee for a few weeks my friends called him Wilbur because he squealed like a little pig Winking smile

Java has turned out to be a very handsome boy, but I knew he would, of course I am very partial! The next photo is the one I took the day he went to his new home and family. DSCN0697

Java’s family and the beginning to a wonderful new life!





I guess he’s a Michigan fan Smile



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