What a wonderful surprise, we were awarded the Blog on Fire Award, well Cheyenne was for her birthday! This award comes to us from our new friend Easy Rider, who is a Weimaraner that lives in Brittany and has great adventures with his staff in tow, so pop over and check him out! The rules are pretty simple for this award, share five things about yourself, pass it on and link back to the blog that awarded it to you.


Since this was a birthday gift for Cheyenne I think it is only fitting that the five things are about her…

1. She used to be very quiet but then Riva came and she found her voice.

2. Loves to retrieve ducks and geese!!

3. Would like to get rid of the new additions Winking smile

4. Wishes she had her own pond.

5. Loves watermelon Smile


And now for our picks, the rules do not say how many so we have a few in no particular order…

2 Brown Dawgs these brown dogs are on fire with training!

Bassas blog a Caucasian Shepard that’s on fire with her observations of aliens in her neighborhood!

Bongo dog blog is on fire with his keen observations on their trail walks!

bumpy road to bubba is on fire with visitors to their blog!

Collies of the Meadow is on fire with his stories of his wonderful Collie’s!

Georgia About is on fire with the magnificent photos and recipes of their country!

Jodi Stone life with Sampson and Delilah…the 411 well Jodi is mock 10 with her hair on fire!

Raising Poppy Seed is a wee little puppy on fire growing up!

Tylersat99’sblog these are two very beautiful Newf’s on fire…well because it is to darn hot with all that hair!

Congratulations to all of you!

19 thoughts on “Blog on Fire

  1. Congratulations on receiving this wonderful award and thank you very much for including Bassa’s Blog in your nominations 🙂 I have not come across Easy Rider blog before so I will drop by and say hi 🙂


  2. Congratulations and thank you SO MUCH! I’ll have to check out Raising Poppy Seed – it’s the only blog in your list I don’t already follow (and love). I hope all of our blogs are on fire with visitor numbers increasing – it’s the only fire I hope doesn’t burn out!


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