Okay I was going to use this photo for my Wordless Wednesday post but I just can’t wait to share.Learning obedience 6-29-12

This is Dave our good friend and trainer from Dusty Rose K-9 Trainer’s He is starting off with obedience work with Titan because that is the foundation to any sport you wish to pursue with your dog even if it is to be a couch potato Winking smile I received a report from Michelle (that’s my good friend and wife of Dave, also a trainer) that Titan did very well especially with his sits. She laughed when she told me about his downs, said they are more of a plop and roll to the side so they will work on that; oh yes this is hereditary, he gets it from dad LOL. He must do a good down because my plans for him are to get his CD in obedience as well as at least a JH in hunting tests. I hope to be able to go farther but we will see after Dave does an evaluation on Titan and his training progresses. I am looking forward to working with this boy he has a strong will to please and catches on quickly, I may even be able to enter him in an upcoming Working Dog Stake in August…but I won’t get my hopes up just yet he has a way to go for that.

AKC Definitions:


Companion Dog:
The letters CD may be added after a dog’s name when it has been certified by 2 different judges to have received qualifying scores in Novice classes at 3 licensed or member obedience trials. You can read more on AKC obedience here


Junior Hunter:
For a title, dog must receive qualifying scores at 4 licensed or member tests. Below is an excerpt from the Regulations and Guidelines for AKC Hunting Tests for Retrievers that explains in detail junior hunting requirements:

8. CHAPTER 5, SECTION 5.  Junior Hunting Tests.
Dogs shall be tested on a minimum of four single marks,
two on land and two on water. No more than two marks
may be thrown in a series. 
Judges in keeping with simulation of realistic and natural
hunting conditions must remember the use of numerous
decoys, islands, points of land, rolling terrain, cover,
ditch lines, wind direction, etc. are important factors
to consider when designing test scenarios to evaluate
Junior dogs as capable hunting companions.
    (1)  …
    (2)  Dogs shall be steady but may be brought to the
line on leash with a flat buckle collar. The dog is under
judgment when it leaves the holding blind. A Junior
dog that is not under control when brought to the line
(jumping, strongly tugging, etc) even though it is on a
leash shall risk receiving a lower score in trainability
including zero in extreme cases. Dogs may be restrained
gently with a slipcord looped through the flat buckle collar,
or held gently by the flat buckle collar until sent to
retrieve.Notable changes/clarifications made to the description of
the Junior Hunting Test include:  (1) Judges may, at their
discretion, require more than four marks.  (2) No more than
two marks may be thrown in a series. (3) While a Junior
dog is being brought to the line on leash, it is expected that it
be reasonably under control.  If it is not, the dog risks being
scored lower in trainability in accordance to the degree of
its misbehavior.  

So keep watching for updates as the training continues Smile

27 thoughts on “Titan’s First Week at Training

  1. Good luck Titan can’t wait to see how you do. You have a very pretty sit. I have to tell you that Mica is very laid back and patient. During all her obedience and showing she easily learned and followed directions. Mica is the type that it anything is going to take more than 2 minutes she will lay down. On her Obedience test she was doing everything right and we came to the long down. Mica will lay forever so everyone thought that would be a cinch so what does Mica do she stood up 🙂


      1. Yes she did the long down and completed her Obedience. I really think it was because we were not next to her. When she lays down its always right next to you.


        1. BTW thank you so much for that link to the articles about the Chessies and Newfs it was very interesting and I enjoyed it very much. I read everything I can about Newfs and have never seen that connection before.


        2. You are welcome!!
          The newfs of that time are so different than today! When I met my first Chessie twenty years ago and read the history, I thought newfie, really, then I saw pictures of the newfs from that era and realized what a huge difference. There are some Chessie’s I have seen now that you can see the resemblance to the original newfoundland, so cool!!


    1. Teeerrrrriiiibbbblllyyyyyy!!

      I can’t wait to see him on Friday.

      Thank you, I tried to be thorough so it would be understandable. I know when I first started getting in to all the different areas of the sport I thought people were speaking a foreign language…I guess in a way they were 😉


  2. Sounds like he had a good first week. We aren’t sure about WD either. I am sure both Titan and Freighter could it, but we really don’t want Freighter to decide on bad habits like his Grandaddy. We will see how he does this month.


  3. Titan has the confidence and a heart of a winner. His ability to learn quickly is a very admirable trait that will soon take him to amazing heights. Such an exciting post. Thanks.


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