Well I am finally finished with school, I am now officially a college graduate with my Associates of Applied Science as a Medical Insurance Specialist. Commencement was this past Friday evening and I ended up graduating with honors; Summa Cum Laude. It consumed a great deal of my time but all worth it in the end!

Hopefully I will be able to get back to blogging more regularly and get caught up on reading everyone’s blogs. I have missed this more than blogging myself, I feel out of the loop and I have missed all the wonderful posts and pictures Sad smile

I am anxious to really get busy on training with Maia and Titan and blog all about it Smile

First thing I would like to do in playing catch up is to thank Just Ramblin for bestowing upon this blog the “Creative Capture Blogging Award”. What a great surprise and honor that we can display this award in our sidebar.

Second is to thank Bassas Blog for awarding us their wonderful “You Make Me Shine Award” this award will also be a great honor to display in our sidebar. Happy one year anniversary of blogging Bassa and tall person! Smile Smile

Both of these are wonderful blogs and if you haven’t visited them I encourage you to do it soon!

Now I hope I haven’t forgotten how to add pictures to my sidebar…lol

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