This Saturday I am attending a seminar on breeding and anatomy; this is being presented by Claudia Orlandi, Ph.D.. She wrote the book “ABC’s of Dog Breeding” which is a home study program covering the genetics of breeding. I read and took the test in the back of the book a couple years ago, sent my test in to the AKC and received a completion certificate.DSCN0887 (2)

I have been waiting for a long time for her to come to Michigan again to give her seminar and now she is finally going to be here and not only will I get to hear her lecture on this book I will have the pleasure of hearing the lecture on the “Practical Canine Anatomy and Movement

But wait it gets better, they have had such a large group of people register that they did not have enough dogs to use for the hands on anatomy section so they sent out an email requesting dogs. I thought about it and figured what the heck I will volunteer Cheyenne and great news they accepted my offer. So not only do I get to attend a seminar I have been waiting a long time for my beautiful Cheyenne gets to go with me. My friends over at Dusty Rose Chesapeakes will also be attending with one of their dogs, in fact it is because of them that I know about this book.

I love to learn all I can about the genetics and structure of dogs and I think you can never stop educating yourself. There is always something new to learn and in the long run it helps to make you a better breeder.

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