This has been a long time coming but a while back we received the prettiest award from 2 Brown Dawgs, the One Lovely Blog Award, see it over there on my side bar isn’t it pretty! Thank you so much for the lovely award and your wonderful comments, I enjoy your blog very much. So today I have finally gotten around to sharing it, the award is to recognize the work of fellow bloggers and to let them know that their work is appreciated and I do appreciate everyone’s blog. All of you put so much time and effort into everything you post.


So my picks for this award are…

Jodi Stone-Life with Sampson and Delilah….The 411 Jodi writes about her two labs and all the fun and adventures they have and you will get a real laugh out of some of the stuff Delilah does.

Basset Momma We are new to this blog but I can tell it is going to be fabulous, check out her wonderful Basset’s

Collies Of The Meadow This is a very lovely blog packed with what else…very lovely Collie’s.

Laurie Bartolo Laurie is a fabulous photographer and I enjoy looking at her photos, plus she is a fellow DKC attendee Smile

DogDaz We are also new at following this blog but she posts some pretty cool stuff.

Bassasblog Well what can I say about this blog except Bassa is a beautiful Caucasian Shepard so you really should check her out.

Again thank you 2 Brown Dawgs for sharing this award with us.

I still have one more award to go so stay tuned!

20 thoughts on “More Awards to Share

  1. Congratulations on your well-deserved award – it is very pretty! And I am just “misty” that you have shared this award with me- thank you so much!! I’ll have a post up on my blog soon and look forward to sharing it with some of my favorite blogs. Thank you Misty Shores – I really hope to meet you in person at the upcoming dog show! 🙂


  2. Oh I forgot about this…lol…puppy fog here. I just knew it would look pretty on your sidebar, but that isn’t the only reason I gave you this award. I really enjoy your blog. 🙂


  3. Congratulations on receiving this very lovely award. I haven’t seen this one before. And thank you very much for thinking of me and passing it on to Bassa’s Blog – I am thrilled!! I will prepare a post to acknowledge the award and will send you a link.


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