Just wanted to let everyone know Titan is doing very well, his eyelid is almost completely normal. This is a picture from yesterday and it looks even better today. He is still does not like the ointment applied to his eye but it only takes two of us now instead of three to get the job done Rolling on the floor laughing


And another bit of news…I received an email from my puppy people that just took the last pup home and she said he is settling in pretty good. He has been able to play outside with her son and the neighbor girl. She also sent some pictures and it looks like he really likes his new home. His new name is Java!



10 thoughts on “Updates

  1. As I recall Sampson didn’t care for the ointment either, that was left up to Hubby to do. πŸ™‚ I am glad he is looking better though, I’m sure he feels better too!

    Java looks happy, that must make you feel great!


    1. Yes I would rather do any kind of meds or vaccinations other than eyes, I’m always afraid they are going to jerk just as I put it in making me poke their eye.

      It does always give me a good feeling to see pictures of them once they are at their new homes πŸ™‚


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