These are the photos that the group at Pet Smart did for us. I don’t think the photographer for this group was as good as previous years but it was in support of a good cause.

Sanya Paws 2

I didn’t notice that before, Titan has his little tongue out, maybe that’s why Maia is looking at him like “you dope put your tongue in your mouth Santa is watching” Winking smile

Sanya Paws

From left to right: Cheyenne, Riva, Reveler, Searra and Ti. He cut off Cheyenne and Ti and the eyes are glowing. In previous years the pics were great, see for yourself!

Cheyenne&Riva Santa 2009Christmas 2009

Family Santa 2009Christmas 2009

Left to right: Searra, Ti, Reveler, Cheyenne, Trail and Riva

Santas reindeer 2008

Christmas 2008 Santa’s eight Chessie deer year Smile

Left to right: Cheyenne, Riva, Ti (laying down), Shea, Reveler, Echo (mom to everyone except Ti and Trail), Trail and Searra (Well we do have glowing eyes in this one too but at least the photographer knew how to do landscape)


12 thoughts on “MERRY CHRISTMAS

  1. Hope you had a nice Christmas!

    Those are nice pictures, but I see what you mean about the difference between previous years and this year. I do love the picture of your puppy with his tongue out. 🙂


  2. Great pictures!!! We used to take the collies to see Santa!!! But, too many to take now but they get lots of presents so Christmas is special! Your Chessies are beautiful!!!!

    God Bless you!

    Chuck and the Collies 🙂


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