This has been such a great week for awards, thank you all for being such great blogging friends. I enjoy reading everyone’s posts and finding new blogs to enjoy and share. This last week I have received three awards, one I have already posted, I will share another one today, thank you                     2 brown dawgs for sharing the Kreativ Blogger award. I am thrilled and honored to receive this award.


Isn’t it pretty!! These are the simple rules for this award, first tell 10 things about myself that you wouldn’t know, hmmmm let’s see…

1. I love Chessies, oh wait you know that already Winking smile

2. I kept two, yes two puppies out of this litter, maybe you guessed that from my Wordless Wednesday post.

3. Chesapeake Bay Retriever’s are one of the few breeds that originated in the United States, so I guess that makes them Made in America Smile

4. I returned to school after 30+ years to finally earn my degree. I graduate this spring with my Associates in Applied Science.

5. Cheyenne is my Velcro Dog!

6. Riva is my cuddle bug!

7. I think I had a moment of insanity saying yes to keeping two puppies Confused smile

8. What started out to be a blog of just a way to update about puppies has turned out to be so much more for me and I appreciate all my blogger friends.

9. Chessies come in any shade of brown including Ash and Sedge. You can see a beautiful Ash Chessie over at 2 brown dogs blog, it is Smokey the new momma.

10. Cheyenne loves to lay next to Riva’s toys and bones just to make her whine and she acts so nonchalant about it.

Second pass it on to six fellow bloggers, you all have such wonderful blogs it was very hard to decide so here are my picks:

1. Just Ramblin always has wonderful photos to share.

2. My Brown Newfies her Newfs are wonderful and she has some pretty funny stories about Leroy.

3. Laurie Bartolo, I am new to following Laurie’s blog but I have been enjoying her photos, she finds such beautiful dogs through the lens.

4. joelle is a foodie and shares delicious recipes.

5. The (mis) Adventures of Sage has a lot of fun playing in mud puddles.

6. Wildcrafting Michigan shares information about the vegetation around us that can be used for all kinds of things.

Thank you again 2 brown dawgs for honoring us with this most wonderful award.

11 thoughts on “Wonderful Blogging Friends and Awards

  1. Thank you so much for this award I am honored to be among such great blogs!!!
    I had no idea that you were keeping 2 puppies form the litter! That is great!!!
    and it is so wonderful that you went back to school and got your degree! That is HUGE! Good for you! I wish I could do that one day!


    1. You are very welcome, I really enjoy your blog and look forward to reading it, especially those embarrassing Leroy stories, sorry but they are a funny 🙂

      Actually Jen I had know idea either until a couple weeks ago, my brother made me an offer I couldn’t refuse, we will co-own him and he will pay for everything and I get to do the fun stuff training him. Secretly I really wanted to keep him but I knew I just couldn’t afford that right now so when he offered I jumped on it.

      Thank you about the degree, work got slow and I thought I have the time and I always wanted to have a degree and a better job so I just did it, I will be a Medical Insurance Specialist, nice thing about this field is if I can’t find something in office I can out source to other states and work from home. I think one day you will go back to school, when the time is right.


  2. Many congratulations on this well deserved award! I know all but two of the blogs that you have nominated and will visit the ones I don’t know. They must be good if you recommend them!


  3. Congratulations on receiving this award – your blog deserves many more! I know most of the blogs that you have passed the award to but there are a couple I haven’t seen before so I will drop by and say hi. Once again, congratulations!!!


  4. Congratulations on your award! We have something in common besides our love of dogs, I went back to school late too. 🙂

    I can’t wait to check out your recommended blogs. 🙂


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