I have fallen so far behind in writing in my blog but the bright side is I finally caught up on reading everyone’s posts on their  blogs.

I have been getting puppies ready for their new homes. These are the two that have gone since my last post. This first little guy went to a great family in Georgia, I forgot to ask what they named him when I called the other day. His new dad said things were going great and he was fitting right in. I wait about a week and then call to check that things are working out for everyone. Why I wait a week, well the first couple of days can be rough (those of you who have brought home new puppies know what I mean Winking smile) since the puppy is leaving their litter mates and the only world they have known since birth so waiting gives time for everyone to get adjusted.  I will check again in a couple of weeks and then my hope is my puppy people will stay in contact periodically to update me, especially with pictures Smile So here is the first family with their little deadgrass male, he left the day before Thanksgiving.


a little fuzzy because my hands were shaking a bit.

The next little guy left the Monday after Thanksgiving. He went to a great couple in South Carolina who have an older Chessie named Baxter. They had a name picked out for him before picking him up, his name is “Tebow”. I know I will hear more about Tebow because his new dad and I became friends on facebook Smile Tebow is doing very well so far and they love him dearly!!


I will be posting a little backwards as I had some posts I wanted to get up before now but alas the time slipped away and I wanted to update on the new homes first. So no it won’t be you who is backwards…it’s me Winking smile

4 thoughts on “Where Does The Time Go!

  1. I’m so glad you encourage people to stay in touch. I was speaking with Sampson’s original mom last Sunday and asked if she had kept in touch about the other 9 puppies (Sampson came from a litter of 10) and she said she had lost touch. 😦 I would have loved to have him reconnect with his littermates. 🙂

    How do you part with them?

    Oh and I love the new look. 🙂


    1. Parting with them is very hard but I have tried very hard to place them in great homes which really helps.

      I hope all will keep in touch, I am very fortunate that for the other little girl I will get to not only see her but I get to watch her on a couple different occasions while her new mom and dad are away. For all the MI homes I have ivited them to come to functions my dog club puts on.

      Thank you, I thought it would be nice for not only Christmas but the whole winter season.


    1. It is kind of bittersweet, I won’t lie I am very tired from the whirlwind of the last 2 months, taking care of puppies, working and going to school but I have grown so attached to each one that a little piece of my heart goes with them 😦


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