Today one of my babies went to their new forever homes, little dark brown girl. This one does not make me as sad as the others will because she went to my friends Jack and Ellen. I get to baby sit her in a couple weeks for a few days and she and her new brother Trail will be coming for a few weeks next April. Jack and Ellen have had Chessies for quite a few years, a rescue Zoe, who just went over the rainbow bridge a few months ago and Trail who is Cheyenne and Riva’s nephew, he was 7 months when they got him so this is their first puppy in many years. I am so excited for them, this little girl is going to be spoiled rotten, lol


Had to post this one because her little tongue was sticking out Smile


10 thoughts on “Going Home

    1. Well they thought they may be taking a boy home so they came up with the name Chief, for their alma mater, so they still decided to go with that for her. When I find out the exact spelling of her registered name I will post it. She is a lovely little girl and so sweet, just a little lover.


  1. almost makes me cry knowing what you are feeling. I cried for about an hour before Dixie left. Then I cried because the new moms and dads were so happy.
    Post a pic of your baby and her name!.


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