I talk a lot about Riva and the babies but I haven’t said much about the sire of the puppies so without further ado I would like to introduce

CH Shiloh Hill Dusty Rose Albert JH CGC


bath time 2bath time 3Bath time


This was a 5 point major win for Albert

You can see why we fell in love with this very handsome boy but it isn’t just all looks for Albert he has the most wonderful temperament, just a big ole teddy bear. He can be a little bit of a goof ball sometimes but we like that. He is absolutely stunning to watch work in the field, he really moves! You can see more of Albert over on Dusty Rose Chesapeakes blog. If you take a look at male puppy #2 here you can see how much he looks like his daddy Smile



10 thoughts on “Meet Albert

    1. We love him and I just found out how he got his name, he was supposed to go to someone in Albertville in TN or KY so they were calling him Albert but ended up being a keeper so the name Albert stuck but honestly I couldn’t imagine his name anything different.


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