Sheww life has been whirling by so fast, I have been so busy with work, school and these precious little babies I hardly have time to catch my breath. I have fallen behind on my blog reading but I hope to catch up this weekend in between homework and puppy care. I wanted to add just some random pictures today and a short video of them playing…so cute!

100_3117   If the food source won’t come to you GO to the food source100_3122100_3123100_3124100_3129100_3131100_3132        Winnie the Pooh’s butt in the honey jar Winking smile100_3134100_3135100_3139100_3141100_3149100_3151

The background music was an accident, I had a movie playing and didn’t think about it coming through on the video but I guess it kind of fits in Smile

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