I just love, love, love these babies!

They went for their first outing yesterday…to the vet clinic so they could have their dew claws removed and a check up. The staff just kept oooing and awing over them (I find myself doing that too) and Corie, the vet tech, just kept snuggling them to her neck and loving on them. Riva also had a physical exam just to make sure everything is the way it should be. Everyone passed inspection and Dr. Adler said they are very healthy fat babies and Riva looks good.

Today I clipped everyone’s little needle nails; poor
Riva they were digging into her but she never moved or flinched she just laid there calmly letting them nurse. She is being such a good mama Smile

They are growing so fast, all of them have put on between 1/4 and 1/2 pound since Monday and I could swear the deadgrass boys are almost double in size Winking smile


A little help please


Four little piggy’s all in a row


I love you mama!



10 thoughts on “Our First Vet Visit

    1. Oh Jodi I am. Part of me wants them to stay like this forever and then the other part can’t wait for them to be up playing and bouncing around.

      The last picture is one of my favorites too, she is being such a good mama, I could not ask for anything more!


  1. Wow, looks it was a memorable first vet visit. love all the photos. My favorite is the last. Everyone looked so busy with the feeding frenzy. It reminded of my our much loved dog named ” Beauty” when I was a boy. She gave us so much lovely puppies, one of them we kept and called, ” Tiger” because of his stripes. She was very caring to us and so we can never forget her. Have a great weekday . Have a blessed day. Thanks for the recent comments.


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