I’ve been so busy since the puppies were born, working and classes have started again but I finally got some pretty decent shots of the puppies individually. This is my second attempt at this, the first time I had them all done and sat down to download only to discover the majority of them were blurry, I have no idea what I did wrong. Hopefully this weekend I will get caught up on reading posts, taking more pictures, sleep and homework, not necessarily in that order Winking smile

Tomorrow they are going to the vets to have dew claws removed and a check up. This should be interesting because these little babies do not like to sit still Smile

Puppy 1 Male

Puppy 1 ~ Brown Male

Puppy 2 Male

Puppy 2 ~ Light Deadgrass Male

Puppy 3 Female

Puppy 3 ~ Brown Female

Puppy 4 Male

Puppy 4 ~ Brown Male

Puppy 5 Female

Puppy 5 ~ Light Brown Female (she may even lighten to a Dark Deadgrass)

Puppy 6 Male

Puppy 6 ~ Brown Male

Puppy 7 Male

Puppy 7 ~ Light Deadgrass Male

12 thoughts on “3 Days Old

    1. Yes Jodi she did have 8 but unfortunatley we had a stillborn baby boy. I worked on him for quite a while but was unable to revive him. It appeared that possibly his sack broke and he detached from the placenta because when he came out he wasn’t in the sack and his cord looked severed, I will never know for sure, it was very heartbreaking but I have 7 beautiful thriving babies and for that I am very blessed and thankful.


  1. Congratulations for having brand new adorable puppies. They are so cute that I want to hold and hug all of them. Puppies brings out the best in us. Makes us more compassionate, loving, child-like. They bring smiles and sunshine. They did for me. Thank you for sharing them to us. Stay blessed my friend and have an amazing weekend.


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