Still no puppies so I had started to worry a little…no a lot! I called my vets office at 8:30am and they in turn called Dr. McAllister to see what she wanted to do; within ten minutes they called back and asked if I could be there by 9:30am for an ultrasound. I assumed that Dr. Adler would be doing the procedure since she is the Dr. on staff today but to my surprise Dr. McAllister came in to do it and discuss our options. The ultrasound looked good, all puppies are viable and they really didn’t care for the buzzing of the ultrasound because they really started moving and trying to get away. She also did a pelvic exam and there is a puppy right at the pelvis and the others are moving up and back into position. So at this point we will wait through today and see if she progresses to full labor and starts to deliver these little babies on her own.


Poor baby had to have her belly shaved for the ultrasound, she was a very good girl for everything!

8 thoughts on “Riva Update Day 2

    1. No, not off on counting. They can go up to 68 days and the days really depend on what breeding they took from and if the eggs were fertilized right away (I guess thats why the 68 day margin)

      I am expecting to see something today as she was up most of the night panting and is doing heavy nesting now.

      I will post as soon as something happens.


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