Just a quick update on Riva; still waiting for something to happen. Her temp has been up and down so I’m not sure how reliable that is in her case to indicate labor setting in. Typically when they are getting ready to start labor the temperature will drop as low as 96 degrees and stay down. A dogs normal temp is between 101-102 and for days now hers has been 99 and as low as 97 and back again. This morning her temp was 98 and she had a small amount of mucus from the vulva so I suspect that was the mucus plug, panting off and on and she just didn’t seem her normal self today, so she is moving along slowly but maybe it’s just I am anxious and have cabin fever from just sitting home watching herWinking smile 

Tomorrow is day 63 so I expect her to start to progress more (I hope) so maybe I will see some babies by Thursday morning.

Breaking news, as I am writing this post I believe her water just broke, she was laying on the bed next to me and when she got up the bed was quite wet under her and she is just a little restless.

I will keep you posted!


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