It is now day 59 and Riva’s temp has been up and down. She was seen by her vet Dr. McAllister (who we just love) on Thursday and she didn’t think she would make it to day 63, she was leaning toward this weekend; I guess time will tell. She is starting to feel a little uncomfortable, you can see from the pictures why, and you can see in the second picture she isn’t to happy with me and the picture taking

100_2603 100_2606 

No loss of appetite yet, in fact if Cheyenne isn’t quick enough Riva eats half of hers too Smile 

I finally put the whelping box together, a big thank you to our very good friend Jan for letting us borrow it. Took me a little longer than I thought it would and I still have to fasten the pig rails in place (these help keep mom from rolling on the babies and smothering them, but it is basically done! I think I am finally ready physically but mentally well…I’m  just a little nervous, hope I don’t let my girl down!





                                        The Supplies


This is the warming box, there is a heating pad on one end  so if the pups get to warm they can move away from the heat. We use this for the puppies while mom is giving birth to the next one.

Maybe our next post will be the birth, only Riva and Mother Nature know when that will be Winking smile

10 thoughts on “The Whelping Area

  1. Misty I’m so nervous! I can’t imagine how you feel. LOL I am learning so much about the birthing process through you. I never knew what a “whelping box” was. Quite frankly it sounded kind of vile to me (I suppose I should have googled it) 🙂 but I was afraid to.

    I can’t imagine why she is mad at you for taking her picture. 🙂


    1. I’m so glad you can learn something from all the info I post, that was my hope for those who are not familiar with the birthing process. LOL about the whelping box, it all can be a little intimidating when you haven’t actually experienced it. The first time I heard pig rails I thought what in the world would you need that for, I had a whole different image in my head 🙂

      I think she may just run away from home if I make her pose one more time 😉

      And yes I am nervous and excited all at the same time, but I think the excitement is starting to over take the nervousness and thats a good thing for Riva’s sake.


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