WOOHOO we have eight for sure maybe nine babies!

Riva was so good for her x-ray, she didn’t want to go with the tech through the inner exam room door, because you know when they take you to the back things happen to you! The tech was so nice with her and said okay lets go this way (out the door we came in) which Riva willingly went with her then, I had to laugh because I heard the tech say to her “yea I fooled you”.

When I went to the back to have Dr. Schultz show me the x-ray he said “we have babies all over the place” I have to tell you I panicked just a little thinking he was going to tell me there was a dozen in there. He was very thorough and showed me each puppy; then he measured Riva’s pelvis and then measured a puppy skull to compare the size and said she should have no problem delivering. He said everything looks good!

Here are the very first pictures of her babies, how many can you see?



I can not wait to see these babies and hold them, oh and the smell of puppy breath, ahhhhh In love


16 thoughts on “X-RAY DAY

  1. I really couldn’t see any, but then I can’t see the babies in ultra sounds either! LOL Congrats and I am jealous. One of the saddest days in my life with Sampson was the day he lost his puppy breath. 🙂


    1. Thank you Jodi. I know I hate when they lose their puppy breath, love love love puppy breath 🙂

      What your looking for are spines and skulls and on a couple you can see the rib cage by the way they are positioned. The first view is the best and you can see the ones to the right in that view the very best. I know it is hard, the Dr showed me a comparison x-ray of a dog that is 1 week further along and my what a difference, you could very clearly see everything.


  2. Yay!! Congratulations! I counted 5-???

    This is so exciting!

    Sherman is set to sire his first litter this month and I am so excited! and nervous!!! I actually did the collection today and sent it off to North Dakota! I hope all the little swimmers made it:)


    1. Thank you Jen. I know if the Dr. hadn’t shown me where they all were I could only see 5 for sure…lol

      Yay for Sherman! Will you be able to post pics of the litter? Wow all the way to North Dakota!!

      I know the feeling of nervous and excited all at the same time 😉


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