I found this video on You Tube and thought I woud share.


This is just so amazing in how just 63 short days puppies are born!

Riva is due September 21, just 18 days from now, I can not wait to see these little babies 🙂

Trying something new…blog hopping, you can get information on how to participate here


10 thoughts on “Canine Pregnancy Video

  1. When was the x-ray? I thought it wasn’t until this week! Exciting news, I love love love puppies!!

    And you figured out the blog hop, excellent!! I hope it helps you gain some followers.


    1. Hi Jodi,
      yes the x-ray is next week but I can look at her now and know she is pregnant, the x-ray will tell me how many and size so I will know when she is done whelping.

      Haha I think I have the blog hop figured out and yes I found some great blogs to read and have gained a follower already. I will get this whole blogging thing totally figured out one of these days 😉


    1. Thanx for stopping by 🙂

      Oh yes be sure to stop back and see our progress with puppies and training and well just whatever fun stuff may come along.

      I will be sure to check out Wordless Wednesday. I’m just starting to get the hang of things but I will get there 😉

      Looking forward to following your adventures or I mean mis-adventures…lol


  2. I know what your going through! My Walker Hound was Bred Aug 2-5 and she is about 30-32 days in. I keep looking and thinking I’m seeing the changes but it’s so hard to tell at this stage! This is her second pregnancy. He last one we though she absorbed then out came a single HUGE pup! He’s gone on to be a awesome Bear and Big Cat hunter. Hoping for more than 1 with this breeding. Different stud this time with even better lines and higher hunting drive! Have a waiting list for puppies! Hoping she has enoguh !Hoping she is pregnant at all!!


    1. Hi Mechelle, thanx for stopping by.

      Riva is at 48 days now so I can see she is definatley pregnant but I hope its not just one big pup.

      When I first decided I was for sure going to breed her I talked with many of my Chessie breeder friends and one bit of advise sticks in my head, he said “there are 3 things that can happen for a first time breeding with your bitch and all are normal, one she has no puppies, two she has one puppy and three she has a normal litter and if either of the first two happen then the next time you breed her she will probably have a normal litter” so don’t worry perhaps this time she will have a normal litter! Good Luck and keep us posted 🙂


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