Training was great as usual last night. There were seven dogs running, one of which was Cheyenne or should I call her “Too Short”!

She picks the bird up great but keeps coming in too short. So last night since she didn’t get the bird all the way back to me I didn’t let her do any water retrieves. The last time I did this it seemed to be very effective for the next training session, she must have figured she better bring it all the way back or no water. We shall see if this strategy works again when we go out to train next week.

Going out for the bird

Looking for the bird

Found the bird

Got it!

Photos courtesy of  Dusty Rose Chesapeakes

Several of the dogs are running a hunt test this weekend, in fact this will be Millet’s and her owner, Rick’s first hunt test. We wish everyone the best of luck and just have fun!


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