Had fun training tonight, although Cheyenne was having an off night again, bringing the bird half way and then leaving it, I’d yell out to her you forgot your bird then she would spin around like oh yea I did have a bird in my mouth a second ago. Funny when she does that she always remembers where she leaves it and goes right back and picks it up.

We had a good group, Millet, Muddy, Mikey, Suzy and a very cute newbie, Clair (4 months old). Millet and Muddy did awesome, Mike was pretty good except Suzy is in season so he was a little preoccupied, well lets face it the boys get a little dingy when the girls are in season and Suzy was well maybe I’ll bring it back until her mom reminded her who is boss Winking smile and little Clair was so cute leaping and talking to the bird.

I really need to get busy with Cheyenne’s obedience so she gets back on track!

Looking forward to seeing everyone next week, maybe I will remember the camera so I can get some pictures.

7 thoughts on “Get Your Bird!

    1. You are very welcome, now if I can just figure out how to correct the problem.

      Thank you, I have a soft spot too!!

      I am on pins and needles waiting to see if Riva is pregnant. There will be lots of photos if she is, and yes puppy breath and bellies are the best!!


  1. Thanks for stopping by and leaving your link, I kept getting the old one and couldn’t figure it out!

    Who says, dogs don’t remember?

    I’m jealous you are going to blogpaws, I made a commitment to myself and have begun saving for next year. I won’t miss it. I must rely on those who are going to share what they learn. 🙂


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