I started this category because I like to cook and sometimes the girls like to help, yep you got it, help with the eating Winking smile 

I have been entering our county fair for the last 4 years and what fun that is! I think we have the best fair around but of course I am a little partial, our fairgrounds are very nice and the fair food, well lets just say I am a big fan of funnel cakes.

This year my entry in the baked goods was Oatmeal Butterscotch Bars, obviously by the name they were entered in the bar cookie category, lol. Well much to my surprise…


Next year I plan on entering my homemade cinnamon rolls


and we shall see what else I can come up with, usually jewelry, baked goods and a craft are the things I enter. I gave photography a go last year but I need a MUCH better camera before I do that category again.

4 thoughts on “The Fair

  1. I’m trying to eat fruits today but after seeing those yummy goodies, I think I’ll gets some sweets later. My wife makes great desserts too. She made some chocolate cup cakes this weekend which my son thinks is the best in the World. Thanks for sharing.


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