Still waiting for a sign Riva is pregnant. She has been a little more clingy to me than normal, sleeping more and she is on and off her food the last couple of days, which all could be signs or maybe wishful thinking. I read that at about day 25 you can hear heart beats with a stethoscope, think I will try that and see. I can also do an ultrasound to confirm but I am waiting until I can x-ray to count puppies.

I’ve been re-thinking the whelping box, I will build the pig-rail with the PVC so it is removable but I am going to use my x-pen (I have a short and a tall one) instead of a box with a tarp and rugs for the floor.

So I continue to wait patiently, I mean impatiently…Winking smile

2 thoughts on “Big Day 20

    1. Thank you!

      All the books say about 5 weeks, so not for a while yet. I am trying not to get to excited (that is very hard not to do :)) but the other little things I mentioned are listed in the books as signs of pregnancy, my nephew also just commented on how lovey she has been the past few days so I guess time will tell!


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