Well it is only day 10 since the first breeding and I have how many to go before I get to see those little fur balls…too many! Ah well they say patience is a virtue but somehow I feel tortured Winking smile

According to Riva’s pregnancy calendar what is occurring in her body now (at least I hope) is the fertilized eggs are migrating down the uterine horns, this migration enables even spacing of the embryos. The eggs will grow into blastocysts.


Canine oocytes and embryos observed under light microscopy at different stages after ovulation. Maturation stages were determined by confocal microscopy.

A Canine oocytes, Metaphase II, 82h (3.5 days) post-ovulation. The oocytes have lost their mucified mass, but are still surrounded by the corana radiata.

B Two-cell canine embryos collected 137h (5.7 days) after ovulation.

C Four-cell and eight-cell canine embryos, 153h (6.4 days) after ovulation.

D Eight-cell canine embryos collected 174h (7.2 days) after ovulation still have a few granulosa cells around their zona pellucida.

E Morula stage canine embryos collected 254h (10.6 days) after ovulation.

F Early blastocyst stage canine embryos, collected 265h (11 days) afterovulation.



I really find all of this very fascinating; to think those little blobs will be squirmy little puppies in 53 days. The way God has planned for every living creature to reproduce is amazing!!


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