We had our second breeding this evening!! Riva is a real trooper and good girl and Albert is such a great boy. I can not wait to see these puppies, this is going to be a very long 63 days!

6 thoughts on “Second Breeding

  1. Yes I did, I found out about a month ago that someone else here in Michigan just recently started using Great Lakes Chesapeakes and after much thought on it I decided to change my blog and web name because my goal is to register it (Misty Shores) with the AKC so I don’t run in to that problem again. I also didn’t want any confusion between me and them.
    I was more than a little upset over it; however it worked out for the best because I actually like Misty Shores better and I have already checked on it and there are no Chesapeakes registered with that name but there are with Great Lakes so I probably would not have been able to get that one registered. I will send out a general announcement about the change, it was late night (this morning) when I finally got everything switched.


  2. Congrats!!! When the puppies come, you HAVE (please) to take DAILY pics so we can all watch them grow.

    I love the new name, too 🙂


    1. Oh I will, you all will probably get tired of me posting but I am just so excited about this litter! I have co-bred many litters with Robin Z but this is the first one on my own where I am taking care of everything and the mama dog lives with me.

      Thanx on the new name, I like it better too. I will have my new web up and running hopefully by tonight, you’ll have to check it out and let me know how you like it.


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