Had a great training session Friday. Worked with pheasants again and the second mark was in high cover, wasn’t sure if Cheyenne would go through it since we have never worked in cover that high before but she blew right through it for her bird!! She really is a good girl Open-mouthed smile


   This is the cover

5 thoughts on “Cover, No Problem!

    1. No, Dave hasn’t been abble to get ducks yet for training. She dosn’t like them as well as the ducks, I think because the feathers come off so easy in her mouth but she will pick them up and bring them back.


      1. Yeah, those pheasants don’t seem to hold up as well as ducks. We used pheasants a couple of times too. Once it was cold and they stayed frozen. The other time they got pretty bad by the end of the group session.


  1. We got ducks coming at the end of the week. Just had to order them. Usually we can just pick up the ducks when we need to but this time he did not have enough to spare so we used pheasants. Most of the dogs like the pheasants it sure beats a bumper. Have not seen pheasants used at a hunt test but have seen several field trials use them especially for the fall trials.


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