I was able to talk to Riva’s Dr. today and gave her the run down on what happened, she looked at the lab report from the other clinic and said as long as she is improving she doesn’t need to see her. I can switch her back to her regular food slowly once she is done with the antibiotics, she can do all her normal activities with no restriction and the best news is that as long as she doesn’t have any further problems between now and the time she comes in season there should be no problem with breeding her Open-mouthed smile 

Open Wide

I’m so Glad I’m Better!


5 thoughts on “GOOD NEWS

  1. We have been gone so I am just now seeing this. I am glad to hear Riva is better.

    I don’t know if I ever mentioned this to you or not, but Storm had bout of pancreatitis a little over a year ago. Her symptoms were different. She had nonstop vomiting. It was after a dog show weekend and too many hot dogs. Pancreatitis can also be brought on by stress so I think for Storm it was a combination of stress from the heat (it was a hot day), the show, and the hot dogs. The vet warned us off any high fat people food. For bait in the ring we now use boiled chicken. Storm has not had any recurrence since that one time.


    1. thanx Linda!

      When I was able to talk to my own vet and described the symptoms she was leaning more toward something bacterial in the colon especially since she had no vomiting and the other vet had put her on Albon which is for bacteria along with the Metranidozole. She asked if Cheyenne was sick, at the time she wasn’t but I came home today to find she now has the same symptoms as Riva did last week. I’m inclined now to think she is right about it being something bacterial. I will be talking to my vet tomorrow morning. However I am still making sure to keep them away from all fatty people food from now on and I may change them over to Natures Domain, I’ve been doing alot of research on it and I really like what I found out and what other people who use it say.

      I’m so glad Storm has had no more recurrences of pancreatitis, that can be a very bad condition. When I was researching it the things I found out were kind of scary!


      1. That does sound like something bacterial if both dogs had symptoms.

        The funny thing is in Storm’s case, she never gets things like hot dogs or other high fat people food. The vet felt that the sudden addition of the hot dogs brought it on, (we had been trying to get some expression from her in the ring…oops ;)).


  2. Funny how we don’t think about that and some dogs it may never bother. Cheyenne and Riva don’t get gross amounts but I guess sometimes it just dosn’t take much.

    I guess you will have to run around the outside of the ring with a duck to help Jim get her expression up 😉


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