Came home this past Thursday to find diarrhea all through the house and a small amount of  grass Riva had thrown up. I figured she had eaten something that didn’t agree with her so I put her on a bland diet and gave her some Pepto Bismol, other than the loose stool she was acting fine and her temp was normal. Friday the stool seemed a little better so I continued the bland diet and Pepto, however this morning she had blood in her stool so I called my vet only to discover they are closed until Tuesday for the holiday weekend. Needless to say I was starting to panic a bit so I pulled out the phone book to see if  any vet in my area was open, luckily I found one and they fit her in today. He diagnosed her with pancreatitis, he said he typically sees it in dogs her age (she’s almost 6) or older and it can be caused from being over weight or too much fat in the diet. Well since she is not over weight I assume it is her diet, myself and my family have all been guilty of giving extras to the girls but no more. They will both be on very strict diets from now on! Riva only has a mild case and should recover completely.

So thankful I was able to get her in to see a Dr today!!


2 thoughts on “Weekend Scare

  1. Thank GOD she is okay! The same thing happened with Tule once when I was sitting for Cindy. Fortunately, Cindy & Gary were on the way home and they met us at the ER vet. Very scary experience.


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