Went up north yesterday with friends to visit more friends, stopped in Pinconning and went to William’s cheese outlet, went cheese crazy!!

Our friend George made chili, German potato salad and sausages for dinner with homemade blueberry pie for dessert…mmmmmmmmmmm!

We really enjoyed the day with good friends.

100_1567 Jan loves to decorate for Halloween 


100_1579 Riva                                                         

   100_1574 Cheyenne

With those glowing eyes they fit right in with the theme!



      100_1582 Dave trying to escape the picture                       

   100_1603 George & Jan

100_1571 Michelle, Jan, Cheyenne & Vanna         

    100_1570George, Jan, Michelle, Violet, Vanna & Cheyenne

      And it was Violet’s first birthday, Happy Birthday Vitolina!

6 thoughts on “Fun up North

  1. Great job, Tina!! I love the picture of the 4 dogs swimming. It’s almost like they’re doing a drill or some synchronized swimming 🙂


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